Additional services

Strategic Consultancy

Every entity is unique and faces distinct challenges in the realm of EDI. We offer data-driven, tailored consultancy to pinpoint these challenges and offer actionable, measurable strategies. Consider us your dedicated EDI companion, aiding you in envisioning your EDI goals, and equipping you to actualize them.

Talent Diversity & Retention

Diverse teams are formidable. Yet, attracting and sustaining diverse talent can be challenging. We provide solutions to attract diverse leaders, fortify talent pipelines, and ensure retention, creating workplaces that are genuinely inclusive and welcoming.

EDI Training & Education

With knowledge comes empowerment. We facilitate digital workshops, rooted in cutting-edge research, to bolster EDI understanding across various domains. Our upcoming digital training platform will further amplify the learning experience, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in DEI topics at their own pace and convenience.

Data Analysis

Our benchmarking tool, is a testament to the power of data in making informed, impact-driven decisions. By analyzing EDI metrics, we reveal hidden barriers and formulate solutions that resonate with the vision of your organization.