EDI Quality Mark Journey

Welcome to the EDI Quality Mark journey—an endeavor committed to fostering an environment of equality, diversity, and inclusion within your institution. Our comprehensive approach includes various components to guide your institution towards achieving EDI excellence.

CPD Twilight Sessions

As part of our commitment to promoting EDI awareness and education, we offer 15 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Twilight Sessions. These sessions are open to all school staff, providing opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions and learning experiences on EDI matters. Stay tuned for session details and join us in enhancing your EDI knowledge.

Self-Evaluation Framework

Our self-evaluation framework is designed to facilitate an honest and introspective assessment of your institution's EDI practices. It engages the Senior Leadership Team and the wider team in critical conversations about your current position regarding EDI. This forms the foundation for your EDI journey.

Long-term Strategy & Action Plan

Crafting a robust, long-term EDI strategy is paramount to your success. Your institution, in collaboration with EDI Quality Mark, will develop an action plan outlining clear goals and steps for the next 2-3 years. This plan ensures that EDI principles are woven into the fabric of your institution.

EDIQM Pupil & Staff Survey

We value the insights of your pupils and staff members. Through our EDI Quality Mark Pupil & Staff Survey, we gather invaluable feedback to understand the current EDI landscape within your institution. Thematic reports will be produced on your behalf, providing actionable data for your EDI initiatives.

Parental Engagement Plan

Inclusivity extends beyond the classroom. Our Parental Engagement Plan equips you with strategies to involve parents in your EDI efforts, creating a holistic approach to fostering an inclusive community.

Curriculum Audits using RAG Rating

A key aspect of our assessment involves a comprehensive review of your curriculum. Using a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating system, we evaluate the inclusivity and diversity of your curriculum, ensuring that it reflects the values of EDI.

15 Statement Assessment Criteria

The EDI Quality Mark encompasses 15 essential assessment criteria. Schools are encouraged to produce evidence that demonstrates their commitment to these criteria. Your progress on these criteria forms a significant part of your journey towards EDI excellence.

As you embark on this transformative journey towards EDI excellence, remember that our team is here to support and guide you every step of the way. Together, we will create an inclusive, equitable, and diverse educational environment that benefits all.