Welcome To Equality Diversity & Inclusion Quality Mark

Rationale and Aims


EDI was initiated in 2020 in response to the:
  • detrimental effect of poor knowledge on current affairs topics such as Gender Inequality, BLM movement, LGBQT+ Rights, Brexit and Protests which resulted in a missed opportunity to engage pupils on topics they were discussing;
  • Poor planning on championing EDI and out of touch policies that didn’t have a positive impact on practice in the school
  • A survey of a thousand schools showed 95% of teachers where scared to make mistakes or say the wrong thing when it came to discuss current affairs topics such as BLM movement or the war between Israel and Palestine.
  • Ofsted focus on Academic progress reduced the need for schools to be holistic in approach to current affairs.
  • To raise the profile of Equality Diversity & Inclusion in schools.
  • To provide schools with a framework and professional support for developing EDI leadership, teaching and learning.
  • To celebrate excellence in EDI.
  • To work with existing and facilitate new networks across the UK and wider to provide local support for EDI.
  • To assemble and make accessible to the wider EDI community a rich data base of current practice in schools